Welcome to Raspberry Pi IV Beginners

Welcome to the “Raspberry Pi IV Beginners” site. When I started my YouTube channel I…

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Unboxing of my Raspberry Pi

Not a lot to say on this post. Was really great to get my Pi…

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Preparing the SD card

Video guide Text Guide Project time : 20 minutes Required items : Raspberry Pi, Windows (XP…

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Booting (fedora remix) for the first time

Fedora remix was the Raspberry Pi’s Linux distribution of choice near the launch of the Pi; it…

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Logging in for the first time

Video Guide Text Guide  Project time : 10 minutes Required items : Raspberry Pi, Router, Windows…

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Loading Debian “squeeze” desktop

Objective: Loading Debian “Squeeze” Desktop (GUI environment) Description: Debian Squeeze comes with a Desktop environment…

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Enabling SSH on Debian

  Objective: Enabling SSH on Debian Description: SSH (secure shell) is used to securely remote in to…

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Swapping between OS’

Text guide Objective: Swapping between OS’ Description: There are a few different distributions you can…

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How to view your Raspberry pi system’s information

The Prompt So the prompt is made up of two things. Firstly the username and…

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basic commands

Very basic and useful commands

Objective: Learning useful commands. Description: Here we’ll go over some basic and very useful commands. Project time: As…

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